Stainless Steel Tanks

Bolted Stainless Steel Tanks are aesthetically pleasing due to their outstanding appearance, they do not require coating and are recyclable, providing an environmentally-friendly choice for storage. Stainless Steels are generally considered non hazardous to human health or the environment and are therefore specified and regularly used for applications where safety and hygiene is the prime consideration.


Some examples include equipment in contact with drinking water, food processing plants, and medical water storage using stainless steel tanks ensures a guaranteed maintenance-free storage facility and years of use. In fact, bolted stainless steel tanks, designed to meet AWWA standards, have a product life expectancy in excess of 40 years or more.


Stainless Steel Tanks are widely used in the Chemical Processing as well as Oil & Gas Industries and is even used to store dilute solutions of nitric acid. Stainless was developed to have greater corrosion resistance at a broad range of different temperatures. These are used in Power Generation for desalination plants and sewage plants.

Stainless Steel Tanks are also widely used in food factories as process and storage vessels. The most commonly used grades are 304 and 316, although in general 304 is the workhorse grade while 316 is used for harsher applications.


Advantages of bolted Stainless Steel Tanks

  • Eliminates the need for costly labour, intensive site welding and at the same time dispenses with the requirement of elaborate and expensive re-enforced concrete base structures.
  • Removes the risk of fire and explosion during erection, a particular advantage on sites that store flammable products and liquids particularly in the Oil & Gas Sector.
  • Construction methods allow tanks to be erected within days by a supervisor and team of semi-skilled labourers.
  • Stainless Steel Bolted Cylindrical tank kits are reduced to one tenth of their total volume allowing a 100mᶾ tank to be packed onto pallets creating a 10mᶾ cubic capacity load which vastly reduces shipping costs.
  • Stainless Steel site built tanks are easily re-located and recyclable.