Stainless Steel Sectional Tanks

Stainless Steel Sectional Water Tanks are used in applications where aesthetics are a prime consideration for storage of Potable Drinking Water in public places. They are also specified for use in the Food & Beverage, Food Processing and Pharmaceutical Manufacture where the cleanliness and hygiene for storing liquids can be well managed due to the panels shiny surface and the ability to easily detect any deposit on the panels which can then be cleaned prior to the next production run.


Stainless Steel is non reactive and therefore items stored in it presents no risk to tainting of liquids with any foreign flavor.


SOLICO Offers:

  • A design, manufacture, delivery and installation service of the tank.
  • A choice of 304 or 316 Low Carbon stainless steel (316 is usually used in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing).
  • Supplies drawings for concrete beams.
  • Offers an optional steel skid or drawings to build your own.

Tanks can be ordered with;

  • Screened air vent to prevent dust debris and insects from entering the tank
  • Weatherproof roof which allows drainage
  • Roof support
  • Internal bracing
  • Vortex Inhibitors
  • Hot press steel sectional tank panel
  • Manhole Cover, 600mm access
  • Perimeter roof railings
  • Stainless Steel, GRP / FRP, Aluminium or Galvanised steel gated ladder
  • Sight glass