Galvanised Mild Steel Tanks

Galvanised Mild Steel Tanks are manufactured in panel sizes of (2500mm x 1250 mm) and designed to be flanged together with nuts and bolts on site. Water tightness is ensured by a customized tank liner which is installed inside the tank preventing contact of the stored product with the metal sheets; alternatively a mastic sealant coating is applied onto the tank panels to provide a highly resistant seal between stored content and metal sheets.


A metallurgical bond between the zinc and the steel is created during the Hot-Dip Galvanising process thereby providing long term mechanical resistance to abrasion and impact.

Advantages of Galvanised Mild Steel Tanks

  • Cost effective corrosion is provided by hot-dip galvanizing.
  • Galvanised mild steel tanks can be painted externally with a polyester paint (a wide range of colours are available)
  • High resistance to impacts and abrasion
  • Very quick to erect
  • The modular design enables easy dismantling of the tank