Galvanised Mild Steel Sectional Tanks

Galvanised-Mild-Steel-Sectional-TanksPressed steel sectional tanks are designed to store from 1m3 of water up to 1300m3 and have been used globally in applications such as water refueling for steam engines, mine boilers and power steam generating turbines. They have also been widely used for storing potable water as well process water for industrial and food processing, hotels, hospitals and the utilities sectors. The technology is well and truly tried tested and proven with an enviable track recording spanning many decades and due to its reputation is still sought after.

Galvanised Mild Steel Rectangular Sectional Panel Tanks are ideally suited for erection in confined and already constructed areas as panels can be placed in a room to be erected even after construction of the building. These tanks are used in all sectors including Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Mining and Rural development applications.


SOLICO Offers:

  • A design, manufacture, delivery and installation service of the tank.
  • Supplies drawings for concrete beams
  • Offers an optional steel skid or drawings to build your own

Tanks can be ordered with;

  1. Screened air vent to prevent dust debris and insects from entering the tank
  2. Weatherproof roof which allows drainage
  3. Roof support
  4. Internal bracing
  5. Vortex Inhibitors
  6. Hot press steel sectional tank panel
  7. Manhole Cover, 600mm access
  8. Perimeter roof railings
  9. GRP / FRP, Aluminium or Galvanised steel gated ladder
  10. Sight glass